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Where it all began.....

So, Fiona and I met around 10 years ago when our girls, Phoebe & Phoebe (!!) started primary school together, we have shared many good times together since. Both of us mums to 2 beautiful girls of similar ages, married and living on the outskirts of Whitstable in Kent.

In 2016 we were both diagnosed with breast cancer, dealing with something so traumatic with a friend going through the same together really solidified the friendship. During the year after our treatment finished we would share many coffee's, brekkie's, yum yum's, thoughts, stories and fears. Out of this true friendship and bond our shared love of food blossomed and we started to think about ways in which we could take this forward, create a business doing something we knew we'd both love and could involve our young families in...... that was the start of 'seasalt & relish'

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