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A bit about me......

So it’s almost 10 months now since Fi & I started talking about going into business together.

Thats when I came up with the idea of writing a blog, so I’m finally going to ’publish‘ my first thoughts......

This is me, putting into words the loves and aims which brought us together and lead us to where we are today!

Fi & I are just 2 mums, who met through our children 10 years ago, our paths have been very different and varied and I guess right now you could say we have been brought together by fate.

I‘m mum, to Phoebe & Nancy, wife to Gary & Humummy to 3 scrummy spaniels.

We live is Seasalter, in Whitstable along the north Kent coast, have done so for 18 years.

During the time here I’ve developed my love of food and cooking, dreaming that one day, I’d make a living doing what I love.

I‘m not sure I’d have made this ‘leap’ had I not been diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago. At 42 years old, hearing I had stage 3 cancer, was not something I’d expected to have to deal with....

But, it’s surprising, what fate can do, as 6 months after my diagnosis, Fiona too, was diagnosed with breast cancer too.

This brought us closer together still and from our friendship, blossomed ideas of working together, having fun and laughing lots!!

So that was 3 years ago now, from such an awful, negative experience has come something good, something great, something positive and something so exciting.

I once considered my cancer diagnosis as really bad luck, really unlucky, but now I feel I’m actually very lucky indeed!! Having my own mortality thrown in my face, quite a few year sooner than I’d expected, was not something I’d planned on having to deal with, however, it’s given me the opportunity to look at my life, change my life, I’ve been given the chance to say, “Hey! I wanna spend my time doing something I love, share what I love with others and create something my family can enjoy and be a part of, should they wish!”

I am a ’feeder’!! Come round and ‘eat’ with me!!! After my family what I love most in the whole wide world is, without a doubt FOOD!!!!!

now I can come to you, bringing delicious food to your doorstep, should you wish!

At every given opportunity, I make/try new food, recipes, bake, cakes, you name it! If I try something new, I try to recreate it at home, my downtime is spent watching foodie programmes, for further ideas and inspiration.

So I mentioned this to Fi towards the end of 2018.......

.......this was the start of the dream becoming reality!

seasalt & relish was born......

As I sit here typing this, we’ve just taken delivery of our beautiful Silver Lady and in just over a week, if all goes according to plan, we will be doing our first event.

How scary is that?!!

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